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Patrick Ladd

Senior Technical Account Manager

Team Leader, Financial Services North America Vertical

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NYRHUG May 2024 Red Hat Summit 2024 Recap

NYRHUG February 2024 OpenShift Hosted Control Planes

NYRHUG December 2023 Event Driven Ansible Introduction and Lab

HVOpen October 2022 Ceph - Open Source Software-defined Defined Storage

Poughkeepsie ACM November 2021 Introduction to Cloud Technology -- Containers and Kubernetes

HVOpen March 2021 More Efficient DNS with resolved from systemd

NYRHUG January 2021 Lightning talks - CentOS / ssh

HVOpen January 2021 What's Up With CentOS?

NYRHUG November 2020 Red Hat Software Defined Storage

HVOpen October 2020 Mirroring Wikipedia with xowa

HVOpen September 2020 PiHole Home DNS / Netguard Firewall for Android

HVOpen July 2020 Jitsi Open Source Videoconferencing

NYRHUG February 2020 Network Bound Disk Encryption

Red Hat Convergence San Jose - February 2020: Red Hat Storage

HVOpen February 2020 tracer lightning talk

HVOpen January 2020 Next Level Cloud Development with Service Mesh

NYRHUG December 2019 Hands on with Service Mesh

NYRHUG August 2019 RHEL 8 New Features

NYLUG June 2019: RHEL 8 Technical Overview

HVOpen June 2019: Exploring Ansible

Red Hat Convergence Atlanta - April 2019: Software Defined Storage with Gluster

Red Hat Convergence Raleigh - February 2019: Software Defined Storage with Gluster

HVOpen January 2019: GlusterFS - Open source software defined storage

HVOpen December 2018: 8 Things about RHEL 8 in 8 Minutes

Red Hat Convergence Boston - June 2018: Red Hat Storage Software Defined Storage for the Enterprise

NYRHUG January 2018: Meltdown / Spectre Discussion

NYRHUG September 2017: System Management with Cockpit

MHVLUG April 2017: Linux Networking Deep Dive

NYRHUG February 2017: kdump and Introduction to vmcore analysis

NYRHUG January 2017: Linux Network Recieve Stack - Monitoring and Tuning Deep Dive

NYRHUG November 2016: Converting init Scripts to systemd Units

NYRHUG June 2016: The Linux Virtual Memory System

Poughkeepsie ACM May 2016: NUMA Memory Architectures and the Linux Memory System

NYRHUG April 2016: Container Technology

NYRHUG December 2015: Introduction to firewalld

MHVLUG October 2015: Understanding systemd
NYRHUG March 2016: Understanding systemd

NYRHUG September 2015: LVM Thin Provisioning