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Glie is an open source ADS-B traffic project, hosted at Github.


Denker's book is the best material I found so far:

      John S. Denker
      "See How It Flies"
      [ISBN not available]

The publication on paper was cancelled. The author was so kind to put it up on the Net: http://www.av8n.com/how/. Over time, the book had loads of debunkers, notably "Hilton", but it just gets more respected. Here's a couple of messages: Harvey vs. Hilton and Julian vs. unknown.

This is what an Air Warrior old hand said (unfortunately, I forgot who it was):

Air Warrior

I flew Air Warrior III with 1st NASTY Squadron in 1998-2000. It was an extremely valuable experience. The AW3 was bought and shut down by EA.com in December 2001. Aces High have picked the fallen banner.

Bigweek pearls

This was started with postings to the Bigweek newsserver but includes all sorts of newsgroups now.