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Accepted Patches For Wine 7.0.1 (25)

CommitAuthorSummaryReleasedFixes BugsDiff StatAcked-byComments
b3698977a533Paul Gofmanconcrt140: Add ?_Byte_reverse_table@details@Concurrency@@3QBEB data files, 22(+), 1(-)
adda27cdb82fAlex Henrieexplorer: Only try to destroy the IShellWindows object if it file, 5(+), 2(-)
8ce869f40b08Zhiyi Zhangcomctl32/treeview: Do not draw client edge without file, 10(+), 3(-)
0cbfa9be51eaZhiyi Zhangcomctl32/button: Use pressed state when a pushlike checkbox or radio button is checked and file, 2(+), 2(-)
1bf3ebdfc4b7Alexandre Julliardmsado15: Fix some LONG/LONG_PTR files, 53(+), 49(-)
a6cbdb7de823Zebediah Figuraws2_32: Return WSAEFAULT instead of WSAEINVAL from WSAStartup() if "data" is file, 1(+), 1(-)
5efc6369ebf5Zebediah Figuraws2_32: Return 65467 or 0 in the iMaxUdpDg file, 1(+), 2(-)
699643c4276aZebediah Figuraws2_32: Return 32767 or 0 in the iMaxSockets file, 1(+), 2(-)
e078f698815eZebediah Figuraws2_32: Cap the negotiated winsock version to 1.1 or file, 7(+), 1(-)
864bef4f8d3fZebediah Figuraws2_32: Always fill the WSADATA structure in WSAStartup().wine-7.21 file, 16(+), 17(-)
155449c5d1d8Zebediah Figuraws2_32/tests: Add tests for WSAStartup().wine-7.2only tests
a656a8b64459Piotr Cabanucrtbase: Add support for r-value demangling in file, 6(+)
879ccd335721Alexandre Julliarduser.exe: Make sure that the thunk selector doesn't get file, 1(+)
9d1ac957b4e4Ben Sheftentdll: Use case insensitive comparison in is_import_dll_system().wine-7.1#524461 file, 1(+), 1(-)
f32a9d1e2089Piotr Kleskibcrypt: Return BCryptSignHash len when only output is file, 1(+), 1(-)
18e331fd6317Louis Lendersole32: Add stub for files, 14(+), 1(-)
f4d40a737913Robert Wilhelmscrrun: Generate temp name with tmp file, 2(+), 2(-)
a893207c719fRobert Wilhelmscrrun: Add test for tests
78ac7ae24d9aZhiyi Zhanguser32: Draw standard scroll bars in hovered state only when they were previously painted by DefWinProc().wine-7.1#519003 files, 52(+), 3(-)
b9110622be5aZhiyi Zhanguser32/tests: Test painting standard scroll bars in hovered tests
8305c597b956Henri Verbeetd3d11/tests: Add some tests for tests
369ee8b0e184Andrey Gusevd3d11: Implement the ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation files, 80(+)
a9826b48e4c3Louis Lenderswbemprox: Add some properties of SoftwareLicensingProduct file, 16(+)
b74b634335c8Hans Leidekkermsi: Use custom action name for MsiBreak files, 16(+), 19(-)
a384da88655aGabriel Iv─âncescuddraw: Use WINED3D_SWAPCHAIN_NO_WINDOW_CHANGES only if window is not in file, 4(+), 2(-)

Queued Patches For Wine 7.0.1 Or Later (0)

CommitAuthorSummaryReleasedFixes BugsDiff StatAcked-byDeferredComments