Smatch scripts

Original smatch scripts

This are the scripts that come with smatch and are not Linux kernel specific.
& instead of && in "if (foo && bar)"
Finds dead code like code after a return. Not as effectiv like
= instead of == in "if (foo == bar)"
Finds unreachable code like code after return, break, etc.

General purpose scripts by the Wine Smatch Project
Checks for suspicious "while" and "for" loops (possible infinite loops).

Wine specific Smatch scripts
Checks for calls from Unicode to Ascii functions.
Checks for comparisons of file handles with NULL instead of INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.
Checks for redundant NULL pointer checks before releasing the pointer (HeapFree, RtlFreeHeap).
Adaptation of smatch's checks for unfreed memory.
Checks for correct release of a lot of simple wine locks.
More scripts to come.