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A Red Hat Journey to 2016

Almost open: BIOS and firmware update tips for Linux users -


NZ Deep Dive Series

OpenStack August 2013

NZ Meetups

RHEL7 Docker and Atomic Overview
Wellington Docker Meetup 29 May 2014

Introduction to RDO and PackStack
Wellington OpenStack Meetup 30 July 2014
Auckland OpenStack Meetup 28 August 2014
Canberra OpenStack Meetup 30 April 2015

LCA 2017 Hobart
Almost Open - Open Knowledge Mini Conf

Turtles all the way down - LVM / TRIM / KVM Tips and Tricks - Sys Admin Mini Conf

LCA 2016 Geelong
Cloud Crafting - Public / Private / Hybrid
Video on YouTube

LCA 2012 Ballarat
SELinux is no longer an option

OpenStack Summit

April 2016 - Austin Texas
Is that a Cloud in your Pocket? - pdf
Conference session details
Video on YouTube

OSDC - Open Source Developers Conference

OpenShift - OSDC 2013 Auckland NZ

O'Reilly OSCON 2011

Resource Management with CGroups