supermin, tool for creating supermin appliances

This tool was formerly known as febootstrap.


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About supermin

supermin is a tool for building supermin appliances. These are tiny appliances [similar to virtual machines], usually around 100KB in size, which get fully instantiated on-the-fly in a fraction of a second when you need to boot one of them.

Currently we support Fedora and Debian. We hope to support many other distros in future.

Important note for users of febootstrap 3.x

supermin 4.x is just an evolution of febootstrap 3.x (really we just renamed it). The previous febootstrap program is now called supermin. The previous febootstrap-supermin-helper program is now called supermin-helper. Apart from that they are identical, although they will evolve and add features over time.

Important note for users of febootstrap 2.x

febootstrap 3.x was a complete rewrite. febootstrap 2.x could only build Fedora distributions. This version can build many varieties of Linux distros. 3.x only builds supermin appliances, it does not build chroots. 3.x does not build cross-distro, cross-release or cross-architecture systems. If you want febootstrap 2.x, please use the febootstrap-2.x branch from the git repository.

Git repository

There is a git repository for developers:

git clone git://


This software is distibuted under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 or above.

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