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libguestfs libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images, and a lot of related tools such as guestfish — an interactive shell, virt-cat and virt-edit — for editing files inside VMs, virt-df — for displaying free disk space, and virt-inspector — for inspecting the contents of VMs, and much more.
Fedora OCaml project OCaml is an advanced programming language with performance similar to C. The Fedora OCaml project brings the latest OCaml compiler and over 70 libraries to Fedora.
Fedora MinGW project The Fedora MinGW special interest group packages a complete Windows cross-compiler and hundreds of libraries, so you can instantly cross-compile most software to Windows.
virt-top virt-top running top-like utility for showing stats of virtualized domains. Many keys and command line options are the same as for ordinary top. It uses libvirt so it capable of showing stats across a variety of different virtualization systems.
virt-df df for virtual guests. Run this on the host / dom0 to find out how much disk space is used and available on all partitions of all the guests.
# virt-df -h
Filesystem                                Size       Used  Available  Use%
Ubuntu904x64:/dev/sda1                    9.4G       2.1G       6.8G 27.7%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/home           3.4G     761.9M       2.5G 27.0%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/root         321.5M     111.1M     193.8M 39.7%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/tmp          302.1M      10.0M     276.5M  8.5%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/usr            3.4G       1.1G       2.1G 38.3%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/var            1.7G     612.6M    1001.9M 41.1%
Debian5x64:/dev/sda1                    227.9M      18.6M     197.1M 13.5%
F10x32:/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00           8.8G       3.1G       5.2G 40.3%
F10x32:/dev/sda1                        189.9M      20.2M     159.9M 15.8%
CentOS5x32:/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00       8.6G       3.9G       4.2G 50.6%
CentOS5x32:/dev/sda1                     98.7M      23.5M      70.1M 29.0%
Win2003x32:/dev/sda1                     20.0G       2.1G      17.9G 10.4%
virt-tools (coming soon) Virt-tools is a suite of tools for managing virtual machines, including virt-uname, virt-ifconfig, virt-ps, virt-uptime, virt-dmesg, and more. At the moment you have to compile from source from the virt-tools code repository.
virt-p2v virt-p2v running Virt-p2v can migrate physical machines to virtual guests (P2V), virtual guests to virtual guests (V2V) and virtual guests back to physical machines (V2P). Amongst other features it lets you resize partitions, install paravirt drivers and change how the virtual hardware is configured after migration.
virt-what Virt-what is a shell script to detect if we are running in a virtual machine. It can detect a number of different forms of virtualization.


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