15:05:48 <sebersole> #startmeeting
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15:05:56 <hardy> HHH-6113
15:06:01 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6113] Write orm.xml parser [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6113
15:06:05 <maxandersen> sebersole: there he goes ;)
15:06:10 <hardy> HHH-6132
15:06:15 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6132] Process and bind global configuration annotations [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6132
15:06:20 <sebersole> #topic annotation binding
15:06:26 <sebersole> maxandersen: lik that?
15:06:32 <maxandersen> sebersole: like that yes
15:06:56 <sebersole> what are "global config annotations"?
15:07:23 <sebersole> oh i see
15:07:31 <hardy> things like FetchProfiles or NamedQueries
15:07:45 <sebersole> ok, but there is an order there too right?
15:07:49 <hardy> NamedNativeQueries, ...
15:07:54 <sebersole> types must come first
15:07:58 <sebersole> etc
15:08:02 <sebersole> ?
15:08:21 <hardy> not sure about types and where it comes into play
15:08:52 <sebersole> well named queries define the parameter metadata right?
15:08:57 <hardy> but these type of annotations are pretty much independent of the actual mapped entities
15:09:40 <sebersole> ok, anyway, wha is the other task?
15:10:16 <hardy> that's creating mock annotations from orm.xml
15:10:31 <sebersole> viajandex?
15:10:41 <hardy> that's the idea
15:10:55 <sebersole> i tried looking at integrating jandex into metadatasources
15:11:05 <sebersole> but i did not understand how that would work tbh
15:12:35 <sebersole> hardy: have you looked at that part at all?
15:13:13 <hardy> initially I thought we would just add class instances and xml file names to metadatasources and then create our own index
15:13:32 <sebersole> ok
15:13:53 <sebersole> so the jandex is built as part of the "second phase"
15:14:04 <sebersole> thats fine
15:14:09 <hardy> what's phase one?
15:14:14 <sebersole> what do we do with addPackage()?
15:14:18 <hardy> collecting the different sources?
15:14:22 <sebersole> right
15:14:31 <hardy> then yes, it is part of the second phase
15:14:36 <sebersole> i do apply jaxb and such today
15:14:40 <sebersole> in first phase i mean
15:14:45 <sebersole> but...
15:14:50 <sebersole> what do we do with addPackage()?
15:14:57 <hardy> addPackage will add package-info to the jandex  index
15:15:07 <sebersole> but you just said, thts the second phase
15:15:23 <sebersole> i mean in the first phase, do i just collect package names too?
15:15:29 <hardy> yes
15:15:34 <hardy> that's what I ment, sorry
15:15:39 <sebersole> so we have 3 collections
15:15:46 <hardy> xml file names, classes and packages
15:16:00 <sebersole> JaxbRoots, annotatedClasses, annotatedPackages ?
15:16:11 <hardy> sounds good
15:16:17 <sebersole> no, like i said, i d jaxb in first phase
15:16:34 <sebersole> ok, so i'll add those 2 today
15:16:40 <sebersole> as sources
15:16:46 <hardy> great
15:17:28 <sebersole> issue for "create mock annotations"?
15:17:33 <hardy> sebersole: I noticed that org.hibernate.mapping.PropertyGeneration in the metamodel is a class. Any reason why you didn't model it as enum?
15:17:50 <sebersole> yeah
15:17:55 <hardy> mock annotations is part of HHH-6113
15:17:59 <sebersole> because its old
15:18:03 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6113] Write orm.xml parser [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6113
15:18:08 <sebersole> and started pre-move to jdk 5
15:18:20 <sebersole> we should look at converting all those
15:18:26 <hardy> right, so we can switch PropertyGeneration to become an enum. Thgouth so. just wanted to make sure
15:18:39 <sebersole> not sure about the "api" ones
15:18:46 <sebersole> but internal ones, for sure are ok
15:19:03 <hardy> right
15:19:33 <sebersole> anyone want to look at either of these 2 tassks?
15:19:43 <hardy> damn, I really have to run. Would be great if you sent the url to the bot transcript later
15:19:54 <sebersole> hardy: yep
15:19:58 <sebersole> HHH-6113
15:20:03 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6113] Write orm.xml parser [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6113
15:20:07 <hardy> i have a couple of other things, but we can discuss them later or tomorrow
15:20:12 <sebersole> grrr
15:20:17 <hardy> grrr?
15:20:26 <sebersole> yeah, wrong issue key
15:20:47 <gbadner> hardy, did you have a chance to look at adding interfaces?
15:20:54 <sebersole> anyway, jpav, stliu.. either of you want to look at either of these 2 tasks?
15:21:28 <stliu> yeah, i can take HHH-6113
15:21:33 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6113] Write orm.xml parser [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6113
15:21:47 <sebersole> stliu: that was not one of them afaik
15:21:58 <sebersole> hardy: thats the "broad one" right?
15:22:09 <hardy> yes
15:22:17 <stliu> you mean the global configuration one?
15:22:35 <gbadner> hardy, will you back online later?
15:22:40 <stliu> what's the other one
15:22:44 <sebersole> stliu: afaik, the 2 tasks were HHH-6132 and
15:22:48 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6132] Process and bind global configuration annotations [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6132
15:22:53 <sebersole> ah yeah
15:22:58 <hardy> hardy: yI can check in later again
15:23:02 <sebersole> i guess we need a jira foir that one
15:23:06 <sebersole> later hardy
15:23:10 <hardy> back home at 21:30 my time
15:23:15 <gbadner> ok, that would be great; thanks
15:23:19 <hardy> thanks. next week I have again as much time was we need :-)
15:23:23 <hardy> cu
15:23:53 <sebersole> stliu: afaik, the 2 tasks were HHH-6132 anduff
15:23:57 <jbossbot> jira [HHH-6132] Process and bind global configuration annotations [Open (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Unassigned] http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-6132
15:24:22 <sebersole> sorry, at coffee shopcause internet down at home
15:24:29 <sebersole> and this keyboard sucks
15:24:41 <gbadner> sebersole, I chatted w/ hardy about adding prefixes to jaxb-generated classes and adding interfaces to make some generated classes related
15:24:57 <stliu> sebersole, okay, i will on 6132
15:25:01 <sebersole> stliu: i guess we need a jira for the mock annotation stuff
15:25:15 <stliu> split it from the orm.xml parser one?
15:25:23 <sebersole> yeah, subtask
15:25:29 <stliu> okay
15:25:33 <sebersole> i think thats the best
15:25:40 <sebersole> jpav: you here?
15:25:48 <jpav> yep
15:26:14 <sebersole> i guess first is whether you are done with the xsd fixup
15:26:18 <sebersole> ?
15:26:41 <sebersole> and if so, or when so, if you wanted to work on the "global annotation" stuff
15:26:45 <jpav> Yes, I'll be checking in both XSDs after the meeting
15:26:52 <sebersole> or if you had something else lined up?
15:27:01 <jpav> Yeah, I just talked with hardy a little this morning about that
15:27:31 <sebersole> ok, you gonna take that one then?
15:27:52 <sebersole> might make sense to look at them in tandem with the hbm variant too
15:28:12 <sebersole> whichever way makes sense to you i guess if you are going to take it
15:28:44 <jpav> k, I'll take it
15:29:11 <sebersole> ok, ping us if you have questions
15:29:20 <jpav> k, I'm sure I will
15:29:25 <sebersole> #topic hbm binding
15:29:32 <sebersole> alright gbadner
15:29:41 <gbadner> sebersole, it would be nice if the xsd specified values that were integers
15:30:14 <sebersole> gbadner: thats a case by case kind of thing i think
15:30:49 <sebersole> meaning i'd rather not have a "globally alter this" issue
15:30:57 <sebersole> those are extremely hard to work on
15:31:10 <sebersole> if you find a case where, add an issue
15:31:27 <sebersole> gbadner: are you going to be pushing any time soon?
15:31:37 <gbadner> I'd rather update the xsd then have getIntValue(String stringVal)
15:31:46 <gbadner> sebersole, yeah, I'm getting very close
15:32:16 <sebersole> gbadner: i am not saying no
15:32:35 <sebersole> i am just saying that an issue like "change the xsd everywhere for ints" is too broad
15:32:48 <gbadner> yeah, I agree
15:32:57 <sebersole> "change xsd for int for batch size" is MUCH beter
15:33:14 <gbadner> ok, wasn't sure where you stood on that kind of stuff
15:33:19 <sebersole> and its more self-documenting
15:33:36 <gbadner> yes
15:33:40 <sebersole> its just the size of the chunks
15:33:46 <sebersole> as we already discussed
15:34:17 <sebersole> ok, so we will just wait for the push then as there is not much we can discuss here without
15:34:27 <gbadner> I haven't added the interfaces for collections; I'll do that on the next pass
15:34:35 <sebersole> yes please
15:34:44 <gbadner> actually, hardy may do it
15:34:50 <gbadner> I chatted w/ him about that on fri
15:34:58 <gbadner> he said he'd take a look
15:35:17 <gbadner> I also chatted w/ him about prefixing the jaxb-generated classes
15:35:40 <gbadner> his preference is to use 'Xml' instead of 'Jaxb'
15:35:54 <gbadner> I like 'Xml' better as well
15:36:04 <sebersole> fine
15:36:47 <gbadner> I'm interested to hear how the DomainState and RelationalState stuff is working for hardy
15:37:26 <sebersole> galderz: have you had a chance to look at those test failures?
15:39:31 <sebersole> anyone have thoughts on the dialect email i sent to the dev ml?
15:40:04 <sebersole> or the proposal for building a sessionfactory?
15:40:53 <gbadner> sebersole, looking...
15:41:13 <galderz> sebersole: nope yet, i've been travelling quite a bit last two weeeks, i'll see if i can look at it this wk
15:41:27 <sebersole> galderz: ok, thanks
15:41:43 <sebersole> well then i guess we'l end the meeting?
15:41:53 <sebersole> anyone have anything else?
15:42:03 <stliu> sebersole, btw, i'm almost finish supporting epub generation, it requires some change of the render api, and also, we need a style xsd
15:42:18 <stliu> you wrote the current xsd in style plugin?
15:42:29 <sebersole> xsd?
15:42:37 <sebersole> or xslt?
15:43:05 <stliu> classpath:/xslt/org/hibernate/jdocbook/xslt/xhtml-single.xsl
15:43:31 <sebersole> we should try dropping all our custom xslt tbh
15:43:39 <sebersole> and see where the jboss ones are
15:43:58 <sebersole> i wrote those to work around issues in older jboss.org xslt
15:44:32 <stliu> okay, so, now we need a new xslt for epub...
15:44:42 <sebersole> thats fine
15:44:56 <sebersole> for what exactly?
15:45:19 <sebersole> docbook would have one already
15:45:29 <sebersole> is there some customizations you have to do in the xslt?
15:45:41 <stliu> the docbook one use default xhtml xslt plus some epub work
15:45:52 <stliu> so, we need one to add our own style
15:46:10 <sebersole> logo an such?
15:46:28 <stliu> yep
15:46:41 <sebersole> i really wish jboss.org would have just made those parameterizable
15:46:56 <sebersole> they are standard style elements
15:47:02 <sannegrinovero> hi emmanuel, back?
15:47:12 <sebersole> "here is the header logo", etc
15:47:17 <emmanuel> sannegrinovero: yes
15:47:44 <sannegrinovero> I couldn't put together a test quickly, so I fixed it only - you should have a pull request - and opened a different issue to add a test later on
15:47:48 <sebersole> alright then
15:47:53 <sebersole> #endmeeting