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HTML | PDF : VNC (2002-11-14)
This article, which briefly explains what VNC is and what pieces of software have been written that use it and its ideas, was originally published (in Italian) in issue 2 of Red Hat Magazine. It was written using OpenOffice.org, and I have since reformatted it in DocBook. This version is more or less the same as the original; some URL references have been tweaked.
HTML | PDF : When is a command line not a line? (2001-11-08)
This article discusses the way in which intuitive handling of 'command lines' can lead to bugs and security problems, and suggests a solution.
HTML | PDF : Selfdocbook
A self-documenting introduction to DocBook DocBook book.
HTML | PDF : Selfdocbook (XML edition)
A self-documenting introduction to DocBook XML DocBook XML book.
HTML | PDF : The Linux 2.4 Parallel Port Subsystem (2001-10-19)
Documentation for PARPORT, taken from the Linux kernel source tree Documentation/DocBook directory.

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