Seth Kenlon @ Red Hat

I'm Seth Kenlon. I'm a UNIX geek, an open source user and enthusiast, free culture fan, and tabletop gamer working at Red Hat.

In 2006, I was looking for a way to play Tetris on the computers at film school and discovered a text editor called Emacs, which had Tetris embedded in it. I stumbled across the GNU General Public License. Thanks to an article I'd read in a film trade, in which Phil Tippett was talking about rendering video without launching a GUI, I was already learning UNIX, so I promptly migrated to open source and I've been a Slackware and Fedora Linux user and contributor ever since.

Stuff I've done

I was lucky enough to work in the film business for a while, helping to make movies with Linux.

I wrote an article for Linux Journal about video codecs

I maintain Slackermedia, a website dedicated to media production on Slackware Linux.

I've written articles (1 million words and counting) for and Enable Sysadmin.

I've written articles for Linux Identity and Linux Format magazine. This was a printed magazine, but some articles were available to download for free on the Internet, and I've archived those here for posterity. They're old and outdated now.

Southern California Linux Expo

An old talk about video codecs, mostly after the Flash insanity was in decline, but before VP8 and VP9.

BarCamp EST 2011

A talk about screenwriter-mode

Open Source Video Editing on Blender

Ohio Linux Fest 2009: here is an An overview

Blender for Motion Graphics Artists

Online course teaching mostly non-3d tools for traditional motion graphic artists using Blender. The person who commissioned this ran out of money and time, so the series is incomplete:

Other Talks