BSD User space emulator

BSD Status

  • target Sparc64 on Sparc64: Some trivial programs work.

Quick Start

In order to launch a BSD process, QEMU needs the process executable itself and all the target dynamic libraries used by it.

  • On Sparc64, you can just try to launch any process by using the native libraries:

    qemu-sparc64 /bin/ls

Command line options

qemu-sparc64 [-h] [-d] [-L path] [-s size] [-bsd type] program [arguments...]
Print the help
-L path
Set the library root path (default=/)
-s size
Set the stack size in bytes (default=524288)
Start with an empty environment. Without this option, the initial environment is a copy of the caller’s environment.
-E var=value
Set environment var to value.
-U var
Remove var from the environment.
-bsd type
Set the type of the emulated BSD Operating system. Valid values are FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD (default).

Debug options:

-d item1,...
Activate logging of the specified items (use ’-d help’ for a list of log items)
-p pagesize
Act as if the host page size was ’pagesize’ bytes
Run the emulation in single step mode.