Perl bindings for ORBit

CORBA::ORBit is a Perl binding for ORBit. It is based on code from my earlier module CORBA::MICO, which was a binding for MICO.

The nifty thing about CORBA::ORBit is that you don't need to to create the stubs/skeletons as a separate step. You can either point it directly at an IDL file that it will parse directly, or it can it can get the information from an interface repository. (Not the ORBit IR, yet.)

It is also very compact in terms of the amount of code necessary to implement clients and servers. CORBA::ORBit will work out of the box with the Gtk:: Perl module, and an example of this is included.

Changes in 0.4.3

Changes in 0.4.2

Changes in 0.4.1

Fixed bug that was causing ARGV to get mangled at initialization time.

Changes in 0.4.0

0.4.0 is mostly a bug fix release. The significant non-bug-fix change is that servants for active servers in the POA are automatically kept alive without application intervention. Minor changes include:

Bug fixes include:


Most things work in this release. You can write clients and servers using a large fraction of the ORBit types. Some things don't - WChar and WString types are not yet implemented; and the POA implementation is not complete.

The interface-repository interface needs some work. First, the ORBit interface repository needs to be finished.

Finally, it would be nice to be able to do same-address-space communication with a C ORBit interface. To do this requires some trickery and rewriting in ORBit so that you can marshal to a buffer then demarshal in the same process.



GNOME::GNORBA builds on top of CORBA::ORBit to allow CORBA::ORBit to work with the GNOME desktop. It sets up cookies appropriately for using ORBit in a GNOME environment, and also provides an interface to GOAD. (The GNOME Object Activation Directory)

Changes in 0.1.0




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