Open Source Summit Europe 2017 in Prague

Selecting the Right Persistent Storage Options for Apps in Containers

No matter where an application is running, it will most likely need some form of storage. When running application in container environment, persistent storage is needed. There are plenty of storage plugins available which can provide persistent storage for application containers. With plenty of persistent storage available, it becomes evident to understand the different access modes and how it works so that applications can make better use of persistent storage. Join us and be able to choose right persistent access mode for your applications. We will take you through : what all various persistent storage access method we have, how access mode suites your workload, and how these modes works internally.

Integration of Flexible Storage with the API of Gluster

During this talk Niels will show how different applications addressed their storage needs by integrating with the API that Gluster provides. Examples of mature integrations are included in Samba, QEMU and NFS-Ganesha. Bindings for different languages (C, Golang, Python, Java and others) are available. This enables many other projects to adapt their storage backends for Gluster. In this session the attendees will learn how to get started to integrate Gluster in their own applications.

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