Kernels by Linville

This is the base page for kernels done by me as part of my work for Red Hat. Kernels made available here will have "jwltest" as part of their version string.

Are these "official" Red Hat kernels?

Kernels available here are explicitly NOT official Red Hat kernels. These kernels are for testing and/or experimentation. There is absolutely no guarantee that any patches present in these kernels will actually be made available either upstream or as part of any official Red Hat kernel.

Why are they here?

For testing! Testing of patches by users helps to ensure a better and more stable kernel.

Your testing and feedback is greatly appreciated, desperately requested, and graciously accepted. Thanks in advance!

What kernels are available?

There are kernels here in support of the following Red Hat distributions:

What patches do they contain?

Please follow the links under the preceding heading to find-out!

Which architectures are supported?

My primary work at Red Hat involves wireless LAN updates/fixes/support. As a result, most of my patches are testable on "mainstream" platforms. In order to save time on building kernels, I will typically support the following architectures:

Please feel free to contact me if you want to request support for other architectures. Source RPMs are provided as well, for those so inclined.


For most issues with the kernels here, you should consult the bugzilla entry corresponding to the patch being tested (or open a new one). But if all else fails, please feel free to contact me as with questions/suggestions/complaints/whatever...

Thanks for testing!

John W. Linville <>
Red Hat, Inc.
10 April 2010


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