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 This is util-linux patch that adds full cryptsetup-luks support to mount
 umount, swapon and swapoff. The patch supports classic cryptsetup and 
 LUKS extension too. The patch doesn't disable or change anything on old
 cryptoloop code in util-linux.

 The original patch from Christophe Saout saves wrong information in 
 /etc/mtab and this file was too different to /proc/mounts. I think this 
 patch better follows standard mtab manners.

 WARNING: don't install .rpm package to system where you have /usr outside 
          root filesystem:

          $ ldd ./mount
       => /usr/lib/ (0x00b65000)
       => /usr/lib/ (0x00111000)
       => /usr/lib/ (0x003f3000)


   util-linux-2.13-0.13.crypt.1.src.rpm     .... FC5 source package
   util-linux-2.13-pre6-cryptsetup.patch    .... patch against upstream version


 *** initialize device:

   cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/hda5
   cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/hda5 foo
   mkfs.ext3 /dev/mapper/foo (or mkswap /dev/mapper/foo)
   cryptsetup luksClose foo   

 *** Mount
 command line:

   mount /dev/mapper/mySecret /mnt -o crypt,device=/dev/hda5


 1. fstab with defined mapping name:

   /dev/mapper/mySecret        /mnt   auto   crypt,device=/dev/hda5

   (in /etc/mtab: /dev/mapper/mySecret /mnt ext3 rw,crypt,device=/dev/hda5 0 0)

 2. fstab with device by mapping name (mount expects encrypted /dev/hda5):
 -- this is suggested variant

   /dev/mapper/hda5            /mnt   auto   crypt

   (in /etc/mtab: /dev/mapper/hda5 /mnt ext3 rw,crypt 0 0)
 3. fstab with mapping name by device (mapping to /dev/mapper/hda5)

   LABEL=dummy                 /mnt   auto   crypt,device=/dev/hda5

   (in /etc/mtab: /dev/mapper/hda5 /mnt ext3 rw,crypt,device=/dev/hda5 0 0)

 *** Swap

 command line:

    swapon -C device=/dev/hda7

    swapoff -C /dev/hda7

 fstab (same like for mount):

    /dev/mapper/hda5            swap   auto   crypt

 *** Note that others mount and swap options are:

    device=, keyfile=, keysize=, cipher=, 
    hash=, skip=, offset=

    mount /dev/mapper/foo /mnt/sec -o crypt,device=/dev/bar,keyfile=/mnt/key,cipher=aes
    swapon -C device=/dev/hda7,keyfile=/mnt/key

Karel Zak [26-Aug-2005]