JBoss.org BPM Life Cycle

BPM Life Cycle: Deploy

Once your processes have been defined, you need to integrate them into your application. While it would be possible to add process definitions as classpath resources in your application, this makes them much more difficult to maintain and (more importantly) update. To simplify deployment, a knowledge repository could be used as a (logically) centralized service where all process definitions are stored. The necessary tooling then allows simplified management and integration with your programming and runtime environment.

Guvnor as process repository

Guvnor is a knowledge repository that can be used to store business processes and related artefacts (like a data model or associated business rules). It supports versioning to manage multiple versions of the same artefact. A knowledge agent can be used inside your application to easily create a knowledge base, including your process definitions, based on this repository. This knowledge agent can also automatically update the knowledge base in case artefacts are updated.

Guvnor for web-based process management

A web-based management application allows business users to see the different artefacts on the repository. They can inspect and even dynamically modify the logic and build and redeploy the updated knowledge base. Features like artefact categorization, search, collaboration and scenario testing before deployment are also supported.

Integrating Guvnor with Eclipse

An Eclipse plugin allows you to use Guvnor as a source repository, allowing you to import (or update) resources into your Eclipse project from the Guvnor repository, edit these files locally, commit changes, etc.

Guvnor as a file system

Using WebDAV, your Guvnor repository can be exposed as a file resource, like for example a directory on the file system of your operating system.

ESB integration

The process engine could be deployed as a service on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This allows the process engine to act as an orchestration engine between the different services that are accessible through the service bus.