JBoss.org BPM Life Cycle

BPM Life Cycle: Analyze

Process analysis uses data related to business process execution for monitoring and continously improving these processes. It is based on process definitions and runtime execution data and uses different techniques like performance analysis, bottleneck detection, deadlock or infinite loop detection, concurrency analysis, process optimization, process discovery, etc. to assist the user in finding and solving problems.

Currently, Drools Flow does not offer any process analysis capabilities out-of-the-box. We do however recommend integrating with the Process Mining Toolset (ProM) developed at the university of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. ProM is a generic open-source tool for implementing process mining tools in a standard environment. Currently, this framework has plug-ins for process mining, analysis, monitoring and conversion. It is possible to transform your audit logs in the Mining XML format that is used by the ProM toolset for mining and analysing your processes.