NetworkManager great networking since 2004, powered by dbus and hal
:: Getting NetworkManager - Source tarballs
v0.4 Snapshot:
v0.3 Snapshot:

:: Getting NetworkManager - CVS
NetworkManager development is done in CVS. You can either browse CVS directly or use your favorite CVS client to grab the sources and build. For example, the following commands will grab NetworkManager and build it provided you have already installed gnome-common, dbus, hal, and wireless-tools:
cvs -d login
cvs -d co NetworkManager
./ --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
make install

:: Getting NetworkManager - Packages
Your favorite Linux distribution probably already has packages for NetworkManager. Fedora Core, Debian, and Gentoo, are supported out of the box. You can use your distributions package management tools to download and install the NetworkManager programs if it has been packaged for your distro.
  • Fedora Core:   yum install NetworkManager NetworkManager-gnome

:: Contributing to NetworkManager
NetworkManager can always use your help. Whether its testing as many different wireless cards as you can get your hands on, or helping out with documentation or code, your skills would be greatly appreciated. We've set up a mailing list for the project, and you subscribe and help out.