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Consider this about version .45 or so. I think its mostly
there, but there will be bugs of course.

I'll clean all the #ifdef DEBUG's out of the code once
I know its behaving correctly. 

It's meant to be a drop in replacement for getltscfg, though
if the decisions is to go with LDAP as the prefered config
setup, we may want to add some extra functionailty to the
ldap version.

To build this, you will need openldap installed. The
"openldap" and "openldap-devel" packages from Red Hat Linux
should be adequate. 

There is also a migration script called ""
that will hopefully convert your lts.conf files into
valid ldif to be entered into your ldap server.
Dont expect it to always work, its pretty hacky.

All of this info is duplicated in ltspldap-0.45.tar.gz

Adrian Likins

Feb 25 2000