Getting Red Hat Linux 6.1 to authenticate via LDAP (openldap in particular)

It's fairly easy. However, there is a bug with nss_ldap as shipped in 6.1 that causes it to not let /usr be umounted on shutdown, so you really want to grab the version out of rawhide.

This is assuming you want to setup a server, and a client. I have no clue how to setup the auth stuff to work with something other than openldap, though I suspose this is a standard schema and wouldnt vary much.

iirc, this is what I did to get a machine authenticating via LDAP:

  1. . Make sure all the approriate packages are installed:

  2. . Setup an ldap server

  3. . Add the configuration info the servers config

  4. . Configuring the clients

  5. Once ldap works, authenticate with it.
  6. Security issues
  7. Performance tuning