Virt-df is df for virtual guests. Run the program on the host / dom0 to display disk space used and available on all partitions on all guests.

# virt-df -h
Filesystem                                Size       Used  Available  Use%
Ubuntu904x64:/dev/sda1                    9.4G       2.1G       6.8G 27.7%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/home           3.4G     761.9M       2.5G 27.0%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/root         321.5M     111.1M     193.8M 39.7%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/tmp          302.1M      10.0M     276.5M  8.5%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/usr            3.4G       1.1G       2.1G 38.3%
Debian5x64:/dev/debian5x64/var            1.7G     612.6M    1001.9M 41.1%
Debian5x64:/dev/sda1                    227.9M      18.6M     197.1M 13.5%
F10x32:/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00           8.8G       3.1G       5.2G 40.3%
F10x32:/dev/sda1                        189.9M      20.2M     159.9M 15.8%
CentOS5x32:/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00       8.6G       3.9G       4.2G 50.6%
CentOS5x32:/dev/sda1                     98.7M      23.5M      70.1M 29.0%
Win2003x32:/dev/sda1                     20.0G       2.1G      17.9G 10.4%

Note: Previously virt-df was a separate program. However virt-df is now completely rewritten and a part of libguestfs, built as a sub-tool of that package. If you are filing bugs about the old program, forget it - we only support the new libguestfs-based virt-df.

Community, discussions, feedback

Virt-df is actively developed by Red Hat and the community. If you have questions, problems, patches or feedback on virt-df then go to the libguestfs mailing list, or hop over to our IRC channel #virt on OFTC.

Source and binaries

Virt-df is now a bundled program in libguestfs. For the source, see libguestfs. Binaries are available in Fedora and Debian.

The license is the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version (GPLv2+).

rjones AT redhat DOT com

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