PortableXDR - external data representation (XDR) library


For the latest version of PortableXDR, see the downloads directory.

About PortableXDR

Portable XDR is an XDR (RFC 4506) library for Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The goals of this library are very narrowly defined at the moment:

  1. Support the XDR functions required to build libvirt.
  2. Compile, install and use under modern versions of Windows, using MinGW compiler and MSys toolchain; and Mac OS X ≥ 10.3 using gcc.
  3. Supply binaries and installers for Windows and Mac users.
  4. Remove all Sun code because of questionable license.


As of 4.9.1:

As of 4.0.8:

To do


The programs are under the GNU GPL version 2 or above. The library parts are under GNU Library Public License (LGPL) version 2 or above.

Development repository

The development repository is now managed in git (thanks Jim Meyering for sorting this out):

git clone http://git.annexia.org/git/portablexdr.git

rjones AT redhat DOT com

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