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savel_boot.p11 Example of PL/M for PDP-11. Not as expressive as PL/M for Mitra-15/Mitra-225/ES-1011, but not as ugly PL/M for Z80.
dx_boot.p11 Same as above. The piece in question is a bootstrap sector for 8 inch floppy disk (must be 128 bytes long and must process timer interrupts).
systracer.s Standalone debugger for PDP-11. It was originally written in PLM, the assembly output of which (in MISS 3-letter style) was converted into MACRO-11 and used to debug RT-11 drivers. Original PLM code was lost. The code was once again converted from MACRO-11 into UNIX syntax and used to debug UNIX bootstraps. Venerable code.
kermit.c,v Original Frank da Kruz's kermit that predated C-kermit.
mt_bootgen.c Just a program in C, but written in all uppercase, for Mark Vengerov's compiler. The program was written on a terminal without curly braces. Just look at those #pragma and those %% comments. :)

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