Commands after slash

In Air Warrior online aviators may type (sometimes undocumented) commands when they are on the ground on in flight. Here is a list of commands which I got about. Many of the slash-star commands (/*re, /*f, etc.) are documented in the paper guide that I obtained with the boxed game, I list them only ocasionally.

Slash commands may be shortened sometimes, for example /p works as /plane. Shortening rules are very non-obvious though.

The "Player" column designates a player that provided the information. Credit where credit is due!

Command Player Description
/accept Hare This is a command which you _need_ to type because it has no GUI frontend. It is sent in response to an invitaion to join a squad.
/status Hare Shows status.
/zones Hare Gives you list of zones with plane counts. See also /res #.
/r 3fdup Show roster.
/s 3rdup To see crew info on buffs.
/s CPID Eagle Shows some info for a player.
/itsmoggysfault Try aso /magestolemysheep (insider joke).
/w Hare Get info (/who)
/sco Hare Get score card for a player
/e Exit arena
/gen # or /g # Go to Officers Club with said number
/hq Go to HQ
/handle Soggy
Change your handle. This is invaluable when you are locked in a briefing room during a scenario and FL orders you to change handle.
/go Soggy Takes you to the base, if possible
/me Sends message to char arenas, just like IRC
/bombs # Titus Load number of bombs
/cargo Types are as follows:
Supposed to be supplies but it is broken, loads ammo (Titus)
/complain Titus Log complaint on the ground
/d Delay
/v Variance
/fly Take off
/page Titus Request help from a gameop
/settings Read arena settings
/strat Read status of strategic elements
/squelch Suppress receiption on the ground
/t # Titus Jump to radio room and tune to channel #. If channel number is absent, exits radio room.
/team Squad info for CO
/available Merlin Status of fuel, ammo and maintenance at the current field.
/truck -MZ- I am yet to try myself what it does.
/*c Titus Log complaint in flight
/*i filename Dump positions of aircraft in icon range into a filename.
/*sh Squelch HQ. This is a documented command, added in 3.10 patch.
/*d Some sort of debugging mode.
??? There must be a command to "raise hand" during a breefing. So far, unknown.
/plane Number Titus
Select a plane or a vehicle. Plane number 31 may be a train. Plane types are given by Titus, with my editions.
   00 ?
   01 p51
   02 a6m5a Zero
   03 me 262a-1a
   04 spit mk IX
   05 109f-4
   06 190a8
   07 p38j
   08 jeep
   09 b17
   10 b25j
   11 a26b
   12 ?
   13 fokker dr1
   14 sopwith camel
   15 spnd s.XIII
   16 fokker d.VIII
   17 f4u-1d
   20 c47
   21 f86f
   22 mig15
   23 ki-84
   26 bristol F.2B
   27 g4m
   28 ju88
   29 t34
   31 fp
   32 Train?
   33 truck
   35 p47d
   36 f6f3-3
   37 nik2-j
   38 109g2
   39 f4f3
   40 190a3
   42 190d9
   43 109e3
   44 spit mk I
   45 spit mk V
   46 hurri I
   47 hurr IIb
   48 il2
   49 ju87
   50 la5
   51 me110c
   52 tbf
   53 p40e
   55 109k4

By Pete "HARE" Zaitcev, 1999/01/03, updated 2000/05/26.