Beginings of this table were founded by BOER (Dave Wilson) so the copyright must be his. I received the original table as part of my Cadet training. Sunce your right hand is on the stick they are typed mostly in lowercase. I added some common pilot lingo on my own.

TLA Meaning
alt Altitude
loc Location
cr Climb rate, also sometimes "roc"
hdg Heading
rdy Ready
otw On The Way. Some pilots also say "omw"
rtb Return To Base
dar Radar, which is funny being an abbreviation itself.
vis have Visual contact
con Have icon on radar.
brb Be right back (from online chat)
afk Away From Keyboard (common in online chat)
sitrep Situation Report
eta Estimated Time of Arrival
bingo Out of something (fuel or ammo)
glider Totally out of fuel and gliding.
aug Short of auger, which means a crash on purpose, suicide. USAF difference: any crash of other than a shotdown.
cc Copy - meaning "I understand" a bit subordinative
rgr Roger - universal radio acknowledgement. Precisely, "roger" means "I have received and understood your last transmission"
ias Indicated Air Speed
cap Combat Air Patrol
dvt Diversion, in NASTY a strike pair which drops eggs and engages if threatened
rnr Runner, in NASTY a strike pair which dives on target if flight is threatened.
buff Bomber flight
ftr Fighter
wep War Emergency Power
bogey Enemy aircraft. USAF difference: "bogey" means a merely unidentified aircraft, an enemy is called "bandit". In AW the visual range is too close to the icon range, and radar is almost always present. Therefore, unidentified aircrafts almost never exist.
nme Enemy (tty phonetic)
goon C-47 aka "Gooney Bird"
jabo a German shorthand for fighter bomber or Jagd-Bomber. Correct pronunciation is "Ya-Boh"
roc Rate of Climb. This is unpopular, most pilots use "cr". Also may mean Rules of Conduct.
ib Inbound. NASTY normally do not use it. I picked "ib" from ACCS

By Pete Zaitcev, 1998/10/25, updated 1999/02/15.