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I'm a graduate student in organic chemistry at the University of Colorado at Boulder, not long to getting a Ph. D. for studying various earth-shattering aspects of ferroelectric liquid crystals. Well, maybe test-tube shattering. In my spare time I work at Jila in Jan Hall's lab studying physics, especially laser spectroscopy.

My two biggest hobbies are juggling and doing electronics. I am a member of Juggler's With An Altitude - come stop by and juggle with us if you're in town - and am known as Boppo on rec.juggling, whose archives are searchable on the excellent Juggling Information Service.

I invented and coined "siteswaps," an infinite family of juggling tricks that regard different throw heights that are instrumental in allowing for the animation of many juggling patterns, as well as providing some nice tricks in and of themselves. There's a nice article in The New York Times describing this.

My brother Michael and his wife Amy live in California and videotaped some practice sessions while I was visiting. Here're some resulting MPEGs:

8 ball juggle:

9 balls:

10 balls:

11 ball flash: (Smaller version.)

6 club juggle:

7 club juggle:

8 stick flash: (coming soon!)

9 stick flash:

You might meet me on the air, as N6URH. I build electronic things, and like to play with lasers. Nitrogen lasers are especially easy to build, but not terrifically useful.

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