Seth Kenlon @ Red Hat


I'm a multimedia artist, computer geek, RPG nerd, and free software enthusiast working at Red Hat.

Back in 2006, by playing Tetris in Emacs on an otherwise closed computing platform, I found the GNU General Public License. I was all ready learning UNIX, so I migrated to open source and have been a Slackware and Fedora user and contributor ever since.

Published works


Some movies I helped make, using Linux.

Linux Journal

Introduction to Video codecs

Articles about video editing

Articles about video editing on Lightworks.

A series of six articles on video editing with Kdenlive. These were later compiled and published by as a free downloadable ebook.

  1. Intro to Kdenvlive

  2. Advanced Editing Technique

  3. Effects and Transitions

  4. Colour Correction

  5. All About Audio

  6. Workflow and Conclusion

The series also spawned a few additional articles covering additional tips and tricks.


A series of articles about Git.

  1. What is git

  2. Getting started with Git

  3. Creating your first Git repository

  4. Restoring files with Git

  5. Graphical Git interfaces

  6. Building your own Git server

  7. Managing binary blobs in Git Monthly Column

A year after my 6-part articles for the site, I was invited back to write a monthly column for on multimedia.

Multimedia Makers

Linux Identity

For about 3 years, I wrote articles for the Linux Identity magazine. Perhaps most significantly, I wrote their Fedora Linux FAQ, which has been run multiple times in a number of issues, and a How to Modify PDFs article which was, at least at the time of this writing, on their most-downloaded list.

This is a list of the ones that have since been released as free downloads. The printed editions contained even more.

Assorted articles

Some more articles I have written.


Slackermedia is a book and website about multimedia creation on GNU Linux. It's literally my manual when setting up a production environment for myself or for a studio.

Programming Book

A book on how to code using Linux, BASH, Python, and Pygame. It has already been used as the textbook for programming classes at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Available in print from Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Qtractor User Manual

Official manual for the digital audio workstation for Linux


Southern California Linux Expo

An old talk about video codecs, mostly after the Flash insanity was in decline, but before VP8 and VP9.

BarCamp EST 2011

A talk about screenwriter-mode

Open Source Video Editing on Blender

Ohio Linux Fest 2009: here is an An overview

Blender for Motion Graphics Artists

Online course teaching mostly non-3d tools for traditional motion graphic artists using Blender. The person who commissioned this ran out of money and time, so the series is incomplete:

Other Talks


Multimedia Sprints

I organized two "multimedia sprints", in which me and some friends downloaded as much useful free (Creative Commons, GPL, OFT, and similarly-licensed) content from the internet we could find in one afternoon. This is especially useful for people who either don't want to keep using the same pre-fab building blocks from commercial software packages, or people who don't purchase commercial software in the first place.

Version 1 contains 2,455 free fonts, 23 sample banks, 28 sets of digital scrapbook material, over 302 GIMP brushes, 45 sets of vector art, some icon sets, random wallpapers and geek art.

Version 2 contains 150 gigaSamples, 99 laboriously crafted Hydrogen Drumkits, 11 beautiful new free fonts, 100 tile-able patterns, 29 GIMP Brush sets, 50 GIMP enhancements (including anitools, GIMPressionist filters, gradients and color palettes, and more), plus six icon sets, random wallpapers, and geek art.

Download from


Patched the code and forked the project of Screenplay-mode, turning it into Screenwriter-mode; a cross-platform and free screenwriting plugin for the Gnu Emacs text editor.


A Free Software interface to the collection of install scripts. Modeled after BSD Port and Gentoo Emerge (but let's face it, everything eventually gets used like yum in the end)

Learn More about Sport.


A Free Software, automated mouse shaker for those times you just need a quick way to avert your screensaver. It seems silly, but I still get emails from admins thanking me for this quick and easy-to-launch solution.

Learn More about Shakerloops.


A Free Software tool to generate Hydrogen drumkits from folders of sounds on your hard drive. Written in Python for maximum cross-platformedness.

Learn More about Genhydro.

[Patched] Flowblade

Shortly after version 0.10.0 of the very fine Flowblade video editor was released, the GnomeVFS library was deprecated. Many Linux distributions continued to support it, but if you ran a distribution that did not, then Flowblade failed to launch because it required a Python hook into GnomeVFS in order to determine mimetypes of imported media.

To fix this problem, I devised a way to use builtin Python tools to perform mimetype detection, and sent the developer, Janne, a small patch. He rolled it into an updated version of 0.10.0 and now everyone benefits.

[Patched] Txt2Docbook

This is an utter, embarrassing hack but it's darned useful. Txt2Docbook is a Perl script written by Thomas Weber (some developer much smarter than me). It has not been maintained much lately, so I made some simple modifications and one very useful patch to make it actually work on modern systems. I did submit the patch to the project's code base but never heard back, so this is my modded version of a very very useful script. All credit goes to Thomas Weber, really.

[Modded] Txt2Docbook.


A Free Software, cross-platform command-line trash can to "fix" the rm command.

Learn More about Trashy.

Some SlackBuilds

Free Software install scripts for applications ranging from multimedia tools, like HandBrake, JSampler, LiVES, Font Matrix, MuseScore, a collection of ICC Profiles, GIMP Paint Studio, and some geeky tools like Fluxbox docklets, ophcrack, airpwn, fram, a patched version of txt2docbook, and a few others.

Some of them are hosted on but I mirror them and host additional scripts on

Some Slax Modules

Modular software packages for a Slackware-based Live Linux distribution. Packages include Emacs, Pygame, and others.

Modules are hosted on and can be used from within Slax.

Switch to Linux

A web site helping computerists switch to Linux. It is biased toward Fedora Linux, but all of the code and text is publishd under the GNU Free Documentation and GPL licenses, so it can be adapted to be more specific toward other distributions as well.

Trying Slax Linux

A web site helping computerists who are using Slax Linux. The sites covers the basics of the KDE desktop, the basic applications available, installing new applications, and common troubleshooting issues.

The OS in the Shell

A web site helping geeks/comp sci students/techies understand how to use the UNIX shell as their primary operating environment. It takes a task-based approach to teaching the shell, rather than throwing a bunch of random commands at the reader with no context and expecting it to make sense.