Eclipse ChangeLog Plug-in

Nov 15th 2005

Well it has been a little while since I worked on the plug-in, but I have some interesting plans in the next few months. All of my time has been soaked up with my work on Frysk (

Beyond looking at the bugs that have been filed (168682, 168694, 168696,169056 are the known ones) I've been asked for a few features. These are (in no order):

- A Maven ChangeLog formatter
- Integration with Quick Fix
- Auto team commit comment population
- Allow one comment to be applied against multiple files
- Word wrapping ChangeLogs
- Specify tabs or spaces on indent
- Add a preference that detects ChangeLog commit states and determines new date-line entry in the GNU Formatter.

Did I miss any? Have a suggestion? Let me know. Regards Phil.

Here is the Eclipse ChangeLog Plug-in

The update site for installing the plug-in is:

Update: Feb 20th 2005: I have removed the dependency on the CDT for the update site plugin. I have removed the other versions of
installation while I update them. I left the direct zip download, as it contains the source.

The ChangeLog plug-in has parsers that work with Java/C/C++. It currently has one formatter, that formats
ChangeLog entries in the "GNU Style". You can add your own parsers and formatters by contributing to the extension
points defined in the plug-in.

Please send all feedback to

Bugs/Patches as always can be sent to -> Product: Red Hat Developer Suite 2.0-> Component: Changelog

The ChangeLog plug-in is a work in progress, and is in continuous development. My current tasks are:

- Code Cleanup
- Break out the GNU Style Formatter
- Extension point API Documentation
- Compare and Team based perspective support
- ChangeLog entries from the Package Navigator
- Build ChangeLog from CVS Logs