Important Update for 2011+

Nor am I running things this year. Please contact Andrew Hutton -- especially if you would like to work on the Proceedings!

Important Update for 2010

I (John Lockhart) am not running the OLS proceedings this year. Please direct your inquiries to Robyn Bergeron. She can help you with your 2010 Linux Symposium papers; I cannot. Thanks!

For troubles accessing the tree, make sure you have done the Fedora CLA, and use the reporting mechanism in the Troubleshooting box below to get help from the FedoraProject Admins. Neither Robyn nor John can help with that.

THIS SVN TREE IS FOR PAPER SUBMISSIONS, NOT FOR PROPOSALS. See the LinuxSymposium web site for information about submitting proposals.

Further, the "2009" templates provided on the LinuxSymposium site are actually from 2008, including the tree. Using that is likely to be confusing; instead, use a fresh SVN checkout after your proposal has been accepted.

Setting up and Using Subversion with OLS/GCC Papers

NOTE: If you are not volunteering to edit papers, or you do not have an accepted paper for the Symposium, you should NOT be taking any of these steps. At least not yet. Wait until your paper has been accepted.

Sign Up at

The first step is to obtain an account at

Note that you can use your existing GPG and SSH keys, if any, or generate new ones, or ones specific for this project. If you need help with GPG key creation, see the Fedora Wiki for instructions.

Next, use the Apply for a New Group button on the left hand side of the fedoraproject page, or visit:*

Now, please wait patiently. First, your request needs to be approved; second, all the servers need to recognize that approval. Servers are updated at the top of every hour.

TROUBLESHOOTING. IMPORTANT: if you try to check out the tree before your approvals have gone through, you may inadvertently lock yourself out and need help from a Fedora Admin to fix things. See the Fedora Common Problems page for an explanation, including tips on how to debug the issue and get more help. Note that the OLS folks are not Fedora Admins and cannot fix any lock-out issues. The above link should help with all troubles of accessing the source tree.

Now, after the approvals have been processed.....

The following example assumes that your FedoraPeople username is itsme and that your actual last name is MyLastName.

Tip: if you use the ssh-add command, you can cut down on the number of times you need to enter your SSH passphrase for SVN updates and commits. Additional tools such as kdesvn can be useful to let you know when updates are needed — and they sometimes are, if your paper is being formatted/edited as you go along.

Check out the top-level OLS or GCC directory

First check out the top-level directory. See below if your local username does not match your FedoraPeople username.

For OLS Papers:

$ svn checkout svn+ssh:// ols2010 --username itsme --non-recursive
$ cd ols2010

Alternatively, you can specify your FedoraPeople user name in the command:

$ svn checkout svn+ssh:// ols2010 --username itsme --non-recursive
$ cd ols2010

For GCC Papers:

$ svn checkout svn+ssh:// gcc2010 --username itsme --non-recursive
$ cd gcc2010

Alternatively, you can specify your FedoraPeople user name in the command:

$ svn checkout svn+ssh:// gcc2010 --username itsme --non-recursive
$ cd gcc2010

If the above step fails, please try waiting a while (possibly up to an hour), and then re-try. It seems that there is a delay between group approval and the change of groups actually being applied. The SSH Keys should eliminate any problems with SVN passwords, so any "permission denied" errors are likely group permission errors. If the problem persists, please email ols-sponsors and hopefully we can get it fixed up for you. You can also try IRC -- #fedora-admin on FreeNode (administrative account questions only -- use ##ols for formatting questions).

Please don't try too frequently. If you persist every few minutes, the server might think you're making a break-in attempt. If that happens, it will blacklist your IP address, and you will need to go to #fedora-admin on IRC on freenode to be removed from the list. See the Fedora Common Problems page if that happens to you. If you find yourself making typos on your password, try using ssh-add to pre-authorize yourself locally, and let it handle any issues with the fedora servers.

If writes fail, it might be because you have not signed the Fedora CLA. Please follow those instructions (clicking the little blue 'i' Info box should get you started) and re-try after you've got it squared away.

Grab the rest of the templates

# Use the makefile to grab the rest of the templates

$ make update-templates

Note that this gets you a copy of the README.pdf and the EXAMPLE directory (which has the source for README, plus other info). There are further helpful details and tips in both, so please take a few minutes to read through these materials.

Discover which directory has been set up for your paper. The Showtree tool can be especially useful if there are multiple authors with the same last name, or if you are presenting more than one paper. (Note that the script is written in Ruby.)

$ ./Showtree.rb | grep -i MyLastName

Set up the directory for your paper

Then update to check out your skeletal paper.

$ svn update mylastname
$ cd mylastname

Start editing. To submit or update, just ensure that you're in the correct directory — ols2010/mylastname or gcc2010/mylastname.

To add and commit a file:

$ svn add mylastname-fig1.dia
$ svn ci -m 'newly created file' mylastname-fig1.dia

Build your paper

Please make sure that your paper builds. All builds are done from the top-level directory — e.g., ols2010 or gcc2010. You would type make to build the entire Proceedings, but it's possible to build just your paper. Here's how:

$ cd ..
$ make DIRS=mylastname

To clean up after a build:

$ make DIRS=mylastname clean

Note that in your, you can set CLEAN in the same way that PAPERS is set -- that is, by using +=. This will cause a top-level "make clean" to delete whatever you specify in CLEAN.

To check in all your changes and additions:

$ cd mylastname
$ svn ci -m "summary of what you changed"

Please do not check in anything that the build generated, such as *.dvi, *.aux, *.oaux, and such.

Let the Formatting Team know when you're done

You can send mail to ols-sponsors to contact all members of the team. That's at Alternatively, the papers2010 address for your conference may also work, but doesn't reach the entire formatting team. (And for anyone curious, it is called "sponsors" because the members of the list can sponsor new members for access to the project.)