latrace 0.5.11 (7/27/2011) 

- enhancing names check with *-logic for
  "-l -t -f -s -n -b" options
- moving conf header files to new location + rename s/conf/h/
- adding support for configuration file
- global symbol handling
  one global symbol tree to rule them all
  - only one tree is searched during the plt entry/exit
  - symbols are added during the bind audit callback
- adding automated test support, so far for x86 and x86_64,
  others are disabled.
- adding SIGTERM/SIGINT handlers,
  refactoring lt_run to check the latrace got killed
- adding large file support
- make tracer return actual tracee status
- several fixies
    fix display of char arguments
    add threads fifo management to special directory
      so the notification is not affected by other files
    fix memory leak in the argument display code
    fix controled config bug - missing shared config assignment
    fixed errors discovered by cppcheck
    build fix for ARM
    args - use isprint to decide whether to print the character,
      force to use bash,
      enable tests for ARM architecture
      replacing destination strings with void pointers
- thanks to the following for patches:
    Dr. David Alan Gilbert
    Sebastian Pipping
    Artur Skawina

 latrace 0.5.10 (10/13/2010) 

- added '-n' option, allowing to omit tracing certain symbols
- adding stack limits dynamic check (fixing several SIGSEGV issues)
  enabled by default, disable by new '-Y' option
- several fixies
   synchronize --no-* option names
   changed config file magic defines
   separate arguments display code, so it could be
     disabled for not supported architectures
   updating license info
   fixing output for thread applications
     proper tid displayed for pipe mode
     proper indentation for pipe mode
   changing permissions of to 755

 latrace 0.5.9 (5/14/2010) 

- fix autoconf search for iberty lib
- refactoring sysdep configuration (fix for BZ#586210)

 latrace 0.5.8 (4/19/2010) 

- controled config
- added support for enum string refference definition
- several fixies
   fixed enum handling (strtol failure)
   liberty controled by autoconf now
   added clone function
   added support for pipe mode timestamp display
   added snapshot/release targets
   added checks for asciidoc and xmlto
   added check for liberty-pic
   added Debian packaging
   relaxed binutils-dev dependency
   generate conffiles automatically
   debian pkg docbook-xsl and docbook-xml

 latrace 0.5.7 (9/4/2009) 

- added '-B' option to always display the { } around the symbol body
- added C++ demangling support - "-d" option

 latrace 0.5.6 (7/6/2009) 

- Fedora rpm package release
- several minor fixies:
   added support pointers in typedef
   fixed minor bug for pointer output
   added more checks to
   make mrproper real propper
   added DESTDIR makefile support

 latrace 0.5.5 (4/25/2009) 

- added enum support
- added -F option to disable fork following
- added -E option to disable exec following
- added -T option to hide thread id 
- x86_64 - added 'pcC' options , since it looks
  glibc bug 7055 got fixed somehow
- x86_64 - fixed argument display (fixed glibc bug 9893,
  not sure when the glibc fix will be available 2.10?)
- stats - added -C sym, fixed -C lib
- confs - added syscall.conf (x86_64), mman.conf, resource.conf
- asciidoc man/html/txt

latrace 0.5.4 (3/2/2009) 

- ARM support (EABI)
- added config file support for 'float', 'double', 'long long' and 
  'unsigned long long'
- licensed under GPLv3
- initial Debian packaging
- ignore 'const' and 'extern' in config files
  Make it easier to reuse ordinary .h files (though it's still 
  far away).
- configuration files are installed into $(sysconfdir);
- x86_64 - disabled argument display (options 'AaD'), because of the 
  glibc bug 9893
- x86 - structure display fix

latrace 0.5.3 (12/12/2008) 

- x86_64 full support
- autoreconf compliant
- new '-b' option to display flow only below requested symbols
- new '-L' option to support objsearch LD_AUDIT interface
- bug fixes

latrace 0.5.2 (11/12/2008) 

- bug fixes, should be more stable

latrace 0.5.1 (10/26/2008) 

- C like syntax for the config file - typedef/struct/functions 
- optional detailed output for structures (by ptr and value)
- documentation - doc/expl in the man page

latrace 0.5 (7/7/2008) 

- display arguments values
- compile on x86_64

latrace 0.4 (6/13/2008) 

- multithread counts support
- separate verbose and debug ouput
- runtime for each thread
- stats - reallocation for symbol hashtable
- documentation - initial latrace man page

latrace 0.3 (6/7/2008) 

- separate verbose logging
- indent size configurable
- sort counts by user parameter (calls, %, library)
- output to file
- more statistics counts, time spent in call

latrace 0.2 (5/26/2008) 

- statistics (like strace -c)
- looking for programs in PATH, not just absolute path
- symbols deep indentation

latrace 0.1 (5/18/2008) 

- config symbols to audit
- config libraries to audit