RHEL/CentOS Repository Deprecated, FreeRADIUS 2.x packages now in official channels

Originally RHEL 5 (and CentOS 5) contained only an old version of FreeRADIUS (1.1.3). Subsequent to the release of RHEL 5 the FreeRADIUS project released a major version upgrade (2.0) with many new features and bug fixes. FreeRADIUS users were advised to use the latest 2.x version. However this left RHEL 5 users at a disadvantage because RHEL policy is not to destabilize existing software with any version upgrade which is not compatible. FreeRADIUS versions 1.x and 2.x are not configuration compatible. A decision was made to add a new package to RHEL 5 called freeradius2 which offers the 2.x version of FreeRADIUS to RHEL customers. The existing 1.1.3 version of FreeRADIUS continues to be available in the channel per Red Hat's policy of stability within a major RHEL release. User's desiring the 2.x version of FreeRADIUS can now install the freeradius2 package(s) from the normal RHEL distribution channel. Please note that 1.x (freeradius rpms) and the 2.x (freeradius2 rpms) conflict with one another and may not be simultaneously installed. You must select which version you want installed and be sure that the other version is uninstalled.

The freeradius2 RPM's which were available at this location were made available on a tech preview basis to serve the needs of customers and user's who desired a 2.x version of FreeRADIUS on RHEL 5 until the freeradius2 RPM's were available in the normal and official distribution channels. The RHEL 5.5 update containing the freeradius2 RPM's was released at the end of March 2010, as such the tech preview freeradius2 packages which were available here have been removed.