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Salam! Hello! Salut!
I'm Imed Chihi (or Emad al-Shihi). My Fully Qualified Human Name (FQHN) is actually Imed Bin Mouldi Bin Ahmed Bin Belaid Bin Ammar Bin Salah Chihi, click on the Arabic name below to hear how it's pronounced (follow this link if you cannot decode Ogg Vorbis):

Name in Arabic script

I'm a Networking and Computer Systems Engineer holding a Master of Sciences from the National College for Computer Sciences (ENSI) in Tunisia. I am currently working for Red Hat in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I've previously been with several other companies in Farnborough, UK; Dubai, AE and Burlingame, CA, US. Details are in the LinkedIn profile below.

My PGP key fingerprint is:
pub 1024D/EAB1E133 2004-06-15 Imed Chihi (Red Hat) [eye chihi at red hat dot kom] Primary key fingerprint: A93D 36FE E0B8 BBEC B769 ADE6 F011 86E3 EAB1 E133

I started blogging in 2006, have a look at my blog at http://ichihi.blogspot.com/. It has gone quiet for some time now, but I shall resume blogging one day inshallah.

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