Toshiba MeP

The Toshiba Media Processor (MeP) is a 32-bit multi-module chip. Each module in a given chip contains a core MCU, coprocessor, DMA, and other hardware support. The modules within a chip need not be the same. The core MCU has numerous functionality options (multiply, divide, etc) available to the chip customer, and there are many coprocessors and other hardware modules to choose from. One build of GCC supports all modules via -mconfig= options, configured via a CGEN module.

The MeP port has been committed to the FSF GCC source tree.

Building from sources

$(srcdir)/configure --target=mep-elf

The following patch and new sources add Toshiba MeP (Media Processor) support to GCC 3.4. The patches are against the SVN gcc-3_4-branch at the time they were created (Dec 12 2007).

The patch does a couple of things that are needed to support this port:
  1. Add support for the mep-elf target
  2. Add support for coprocessor-specific types
  3. Add hooks for managing inlining with core vs VLIW functions
  4. Minor changes to support port-specific idiosyncrasies
We don't expect the 3.4 port to be accepted into the gcc source tree as-is, as the 3.4 branch is closed to new ports.