BBEdit vs vi : 

	- is a text editor for the macintosh only.
	- provides find/replace functionality in a GUI interface (grep-based, requires knowledge 
	  of regex)
	- allows customization with AppleScript plugins
	- allows customization of interface, style settings via GUI menus
	- supports common macintosh hotkeys, drag and drop
	- has built-in clean-up tools (style checker, formatting tools, tab/break converters, etc.) 
	- allows split screen editing (including splitting the same document into two half-screens, 
	  independantly scrolling)
	- proprietary closed-source product
	- currently being developed (latest version: 7.0
	- PDF documentation (HTML available soon)

	- is a text editor that can be run on most platforms
	- can be run directly on the webserver, directly on the file
	- built-in find functions in vi, external search/replace functions (multifile) via 
	  grep and sed
	- custom scripting through Perl, bash, or other shell scripting tools and languages
	- ispell basic spell checker, with custom dictionary
	- inline help (opens into split screen), searchable and with chart of commands (online 
	  in various formats, including HTML)
	- allows split screen editing of two documents 
	- currently being developed (latest version: 6.2
	- 'charityware', openly developed

the mac keyboad and mouse:
	- the keyboard's half-size keys are unwieldy and placed poorly for regular use (replace 
	  keyboard with Sun/Sparc keyboard, which is rumored to work)
	- all-button mouse is uncomfortable.  (replace with trackball?)
	- need to be moved so keyboard is lower, monitor at a more natural viewing angle 

the mac desktop:
	- noticeably slower than my linux desktop.  this could be a 
	  function of hardware / program load (open tools are much smaller on fatbob).  
	- much prettier.  great resolution for graphics work.

the linux desktop:
	- I have a preferred setup of 8 work areas (2 across, 4 down).  They are hot keyed 
	  to shift-ctrl-(arrows) for cycling, and i never have to touch the mouse to change windows.  
	  They focus automatically.  This is very efficient.