pstruct - print structure member's data in one line

  pstruct struct_name.member[.member...,member...] [-d|-x] [-l offset]

  This command displays the contents of a structure's members in one

  The arguments are as follows:

  struct_name  name of a C-code structure used by the kernel.
   .member...  name of a structure member; to display multiple members
               of a structure, use a comma-separated list of members.
    -l offset  if the address argument is a pointer to a structure
               member that is contained by the target data structure,
               typically a pointer to an embedded list_head, the offset
               to the embedded member may be entered in either of the
               following manners:
                   1. in "structure.member" format.
                   2. a number of bytes. 
           -x  override default output format with hexadecimal format.
           -d  override default output format with decimal format.

  Display the page's member private, _count.counter, inuse at address 

    crash> pstruct page.private,_count.counter,inuse 0xffffea00000308f0
    0       198896  59904
  Display the page's member mapping, index at address 0xffffea00000308f0
  in hexadecimal format:

    crash> pstruct page.mapping,index ffffea000004c778 -x
    0xffff88004b6412b8      0x100167