gospo's test packages

These packages are for testing purposes only and are not offically supported.

All of the patches below have a particular status associated with them. This status is relative to that patch's inclustion in the next RHEL or Fedora update. Current possibilities are:

Please report results to the RedHat's Bugzilla.

RHEL4 Test Packages

RHEL5 Test Packages

RHEL6 Test Packages

    These are RHEL6 test builds are based on the latest RHEL6 development kernels with patches added for testing purposes. These are experimental builds that are not supported by RedHat, but your testing of these builds is greatly appreciated so we can determine if these fixes are worthwhile. Please test these builds and report back with the results.

    There are currently no test packages available.

FEDORA Test Packages

    There are currently no test packages available.

WIGGLE Test Packages

    Wiggle is a program for applying patches that 'patch' cannot apply due to conflicting changes in the original. Wiggle will always apply all changes in the patch to the original. If it cannot find a way to cleanly apply a patch, it inserts it in the original in a manner similar to 'merge', and report an unresolvable conflict.

    Wiggle is now available as a part of EPEL-5, rawhide, and will be in F9. To install simply type:

    # yum install wiggle

    Any packages that appear here are testing packages that contain fixes or updates to wiggle that I'm developing.

    Binaries SHA1 (160-bit) checksums

BOOST Test Packages

    The purpose of these packages is to allow someone to run the latest boost libraries on Fedora 7. With these packages you run the Amazon MP3 Downloader on Fedora 7 (you previously needed F8). Of course you should probably just update to F8, but if you have an old F7 install laying around that you are too lazy to update these might come in handy.

    There are currently no test packages available.

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